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Company Vision

Additive manufacturing is a key technology for advanced industrial production

Global markets are facing ever shortening product life cycles. At the same time, product variety is on the rise. Manufacturing methods based on economies of scale are no longer in the position to meet these challenges. The credo underpinning conventional manufacturing means selling high volumes of identical products. This prerequisite, however, can no longer be met in today's competitive environment.

Tool-based manufacturing methods are not suitable for economically fulfilling the increasing demand for customized products. Both product development and manufacturing therefore have to shift their paradigms – moving away from tool-based, static methods in favor of generative and flexible methods. The EOS Additive Manufacturing solutions can achieve this.

Manufacturers need to find out more about 3-D printing options: Executive from CNBC.

25 Years in Additive Manufacturing

After more than two decades, EOS is one of the most appreciated companies in the Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D printing world. Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO, tells the story.