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Corporate Responsibility


Corporate responsibility at EOS is a central aspect in the development and optimisation of our industrial 3D printing solutions. In addition, we support  our suppliers and customers, in achieving their sustainability targets.

EOS assumes corporate responsibility (CR). We are driven by aspects like global challenges, a growing awareness for sustainability, our shareholders' expectations, and our own motivations. Our contribution to a sustainable development is a supporting pillar of our corporate strategy – and its maximisation a criterion in all of our decisions. To this end, we cooperate with our business partners and create added value that benefits our customers, EOS, and the environment.

Creating value together

Our initiatives in the field of corporate responsibility are also geared to the needs of our customers. At the same time, case studies are to serve as a model for future business relations. It is our intent to create added value in joint projects with our customers. The target is to develop optimized products that consume less energy and less material. EOS technology can therefore give rise to flexible and individual production solutions. At the same time, we can support our customers in achieving their sustainability targets.