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Corporate Values

Why did we chose values as guidelines for our actions? 

Common values make a company unique, facilitate coherence and form a corporate identity transcending national borders. Values have the potential to provide clarity and guidelines according to which we act. Values may also strengthen the relationships to our subsidiaries and sales organisations around the globe and are the key to a better understanding of cultural differences. We also attach great importance to the singularity of each employee which we regard as enrichment of our corporate culture and source of innovations. Our values seek to provide a common framework for all the different people in our company to act in accordance with.

Our EOS Values

Our values are the pillars of our corporate culture. Our values excellent, fair, responsible and together have a strong impact on dealing with each other within the whole EOS group and with our customers, suppliers and other business partners. We are aware: All our thinking and behavior as individuals and as a team considerably affects our customers. Customer satisfaction is the most important measurement for quality and guarantees the success of our company. That is why we focus on our current and future customers.

Each individual within the company thrives to live by these values. In particular, our managers and leaders serve as role models.