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Join the EOS Academia Program – Additive Manufacturing for research and educational purposes

The main purpose of this program is to enable the students and scientists of today for the requirements of tomorrow. With this aim in mind, EOS has promoted universities and research institutes by providing them with advanced technology for more than 20 years. Now we are offering even more to assist scientists in their teaching activities.

Join now and gain access to:

  • Regular news, white papers, webinars, and best practices
  • Prize draws and contests
  • Special offers and sponsored packages exclusively for the academic world

We will draw 10 winners of a Sintratec Kit from all registrations received by October 20, 2017!

The Sintratec Kit is allows to assemble a full-functioning SLS 3D-printing system. Find more information on the Sintratec Kit here!

Conditions of participation in the draw for 10 Sintratec Kits

PROMOTIONAL PERIOD: August 8 – October 20, 2017

Only employees of a university or other recognized educational institution are eligible to take part in the draw. Individuals under the age of 18 may not participate.
Any prizes may only be given to universities or other educational institutions, not to private individuals.
It is possible to participate in the draw from any location worldwide. In order to participate in the draw, the EOS Academia Program registration form must be completed.
Participants in the draw are solely responsible for the correctness of the data they provide. All particulars regarding the participant and the participating institution must be true and correct. The provision of incorrect particulars can result in exclusion from the draw.
Each individual may only enter the draw once. Multiple entries are not permitted.
If more than one employee of an institution takes part in the draw, which is explicitly encouraged, it increases the chances of winning. However, only one Sintratec Kit can be won per institution.

Conducting the draw
The prizewinners will be drawn from all registrations received for the EOS Academia Program by October 20, 2017. The draw will take place on October 24, 2017. The winners will be informed individually by e-mail after the draw.
In no circumstances will a cash payment or any other substitute be made instead of the prize.

Forfeiture of the prize
Winners are required to respond within four weeks of notification being sent. Failure to respond will result in the loss of their entitlement to the prize.

Participants are free to have their registration data deleted and therefore withdraw from participation by sending an e-mail to that effect to the following address:

Other provisions
The judges' decision is final. Should any of the above conditions be invalid or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation shall remain unaffected.

Your path to quickly entering the world of Additive Manufacturing:


Which conditions do I need to fulfill to order hardware from the Academia Program?
  • You are a recognized educational institution
  • EOS systems must be used at least 50% of the time when teaching
  • EOS systems are not used for commercial manufacturing purposes
What AM equipment will EOS provide in the Academia Program?
All offerings are for SLS systems (Selective Laser Sintering). In this process, a laser melts the polymer or metal material powder layer by layer. The “Freshman” and “Graduate” packages contain desktop polymer laser sintering systems from Sintratec. With the “Scientist” package you can choose between EOS systems for polymer or metal powders. The prices differ according to the system selected (EOS P 110, EOS P 396, EOS M 290).
What level of investment should my organization expect?
Universities can expect highly favorable conditions for all of the above-mentioned options. The investment in funding or resources for equipment, materials, and training depends on the option selected. EOS has been careful to ensure that institutions with a lower budget gain access to the technology. In addition, educators will be expected to provide feedback on the use of the equipment and promote EOS job postings.
Are there any further requirements for participating universities?
Besides your interest in Additive Manufacturing and the commitment to use the equipment in an educational or research-related topic, there are no requirements you need to fulfill in order to qualify for the Academia Program. Membership in the Academia Program is free and unconditional.