EOS as Employer

Since the founding of the company in 1989, EOS has been a continuous success story with its innovative manufacturing technology.

EOS is an innovative and value-oriented family business. Founded by Dr. Hans Langer in 1989, the company has been an international success story which is still continuing today, thanks to a sustainable company strategy focused on profitable growth. It is not just our customers who profit from this attractive environment. Our employees benefit too, in terms of freedom of action, challenging tasks and diverse development opportunities.

Demanding customers from all over the world appreciate EOS Additive Manufacturing solutions and a modular product and service portfolio that includes systems, application know-how, software and materials as well as product optimisation, maintenance, application consultancy and training. Our customers operate in medical, aerospace, automotive, tooling, lifestyle and other industry sectors.

Our passion and dedication are focused on our innovative technology, whose almost unlimited uses redefine the world of manufacturing and build a sustainable future.

Our corporate values excellent, fair, responsible and together determine our conduct across national boundaries. This applies both to the social environment within the company and to collaboration with our customers, suppliers and business partners all over the world. 

Success story of an innovative idea and its growth

After more than two decades, EOS is one of the most appreciated companies in the Additive Manufacturing and industrial 3D printing world. Dr. Hans J. Langer, founder and CEO, tells the story.

Committed Employees Are Our Most Important Resource

Committed, competent and responsible employees drive our success. To satisfy our high quality requirements and enable our employees to be the best they can be, we offer a plethora of development perspectives and an attractive benefits package
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EOS wins the Starnberg Business Award 2016  
Wirtschaftspreis Landkreis Starnberg Small Content

The society for the promotion of economic and employment development in the district of Starnberg (gfw) awards the annual business award to a company in the region every year. The motto for this year is: "Lived responsibility and entrepreneurial commitment". The idea is that companies act carefully with human and natural resources.

District Administrator Karl Roth, described in his speech at the award ceremony yesterday, why EOS won: "The company is awarded with the Business Award 2016, which has strongly anchored its defined values within the company. The jury was particularly impressed by how systematically the values are implemented." 
Member of Initiative "FairCompany"
Fair Company 2016 Logo
We are very proud of being part of the Initiative FairCompany because we take it for granted to give graduates a fair chance on appropriate payment.

  • We do not substitute full-time jobs by student apprentices
  • We do not put off graduates having applied for a "proper job" with a practical training
  • We do not lure student apprentices with the vague prospect on a susequent full-time job
  • We offer practical training exclusively for students during their orientation and preparation phase
  • We pay student practical trainings adequately

The career entry opportunities for job starters are only one example of our values culture. Taking part in this initiative is highly important for our company. It shows very well that our values do not only exist in writing, but that we implement and practise them in everyday life.
"Top 100": EOS wins innovation award 2013
The "Top 100" innovation award goes to the most innovative German SMEs.
EOS receives the prize for the fifth time in succession, and this year the company has even been named "Innovator of the Year" in class C (workforce of over 250).
Top 100 video
”Top-100 Innovator" Award 2012
EOS awarded as Top Innovator 2012
They possess excellent inventive talent, exemplary innovation processes, and successfully turn ideas into commercial products and launch them to the market: Germany’s most innovative small-to-medium businesses. These companys received the ”Top 100” award on June 22 in Friedrichshafen from German TV host Ranga Yogeshwar. Krailling/Bavaria-based EOS GmbH has been honoured as a Top 100 Top Innovator for the fourth time.
EOS, ranking 3rd at 2012 cyclist-friendly employer award
The competition addresses companies with a staff of minimum five and rewards the conceptual and broad effort to promote the use of bicycles among their staff. EOS GmbH kooperates with other companies of the so-called KIM industrial area with the aim of further developing the business location with rental bikes.
"Bavaria's Best 50" Award 2011
EOS shows extraordinary growth both in revenue and employees
For the second time after 2008 EOS in 2011 is one of the awardees of "Bavaria's Best 50". With this award the Bavarian economics ministry honours the fifty most dynamic, owner-managed Bavarian small and medium businesses which have shown extraordinary growth both in revenue and employees over the past years and as such have largely contributed to social and economic development as a whole. In this context, EOS still prefers an organic growth over a growth through mergers and acquisitions.
TOP 100 – Ranking of small and medium enterprises 2010
After receiving the award in 2008 the strategic consultancy Munich Strategy Group (MSG) reassessed EOS as a medium-sized business with with a superior income and turnover rate. Within the scope of this cross-industrial and multi-regional ranking more than 1,000 companies were analyzed. The survey acknowledges that EOS as one out of 100 German small and medium-sized enterprises EOS has a higher-than-average business development within the past four years. As a result, EOS ranks 70th and as such plays a convincing role in the competition for innovation, market shares, customer and business success.
Top-100 Employers Award "Great Place to Work" 2008
This year we have participated for the first time in the employer competition “Great Place to Work”. Among the 252 participating companies we reached a 82nd rank. We are very proud about this result because since the foundation of our company almost twenty years ago, we have consistently established a corporate culture that is based on our values “fair”, “responsible”, “together” and “excellent”. Within the survey an independent external institute evaluated EOS. We have been able to show imposingly that our philosophy has worked out: We are convinced that our investments in a good working climate are beneficial because the company’s success would be impossible without our loyal and committed employees. To qualify for the competition we had to get over two challenges: First of all, we collected all our personal processes systematically in a so-called culture audit. Second, more than 50% of our employees had to participate in an anonymous survey. Within the EOS GmbH more than 75% of the employees seized this opportunity.
Award "Bavarians Best 50"
In July 2006, we received the award "Bavarians Best 50". The award honours the 50 companies in the state of Bavaria, Germany, with the highest growth rate. We were able to increase our sales and number of employees above average in the years from 2001 until 2005. For us it is highly important to grow organically in terms of sales growth as well as job creation and not purely from mergers and acquisitions.
Network with national and international universities and institutions
To encourage young scientists, EOS develops a close network with national and international universities and institutions. For example, the University of Applied Sciences in Munich is benefiting form that initiative. By the use of tuitions and the support of EOS, a laboratory was set up. It is used primarily for teaching and for research and development projects of the university (no contract manufacturing).