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Passion for excellent technology

What we have already accomplished and what we are capable of accomplishing fills us with pride and makes our hearts beat faster, as our passion for additive manufacturing is just as unlimited as the fields of application and markets to be tapped into. At EOS, it's all about industrial 3D printing and what you can do with it. Our strength as a company is the interaction of the laser with powder material. For this perfect interplay, we offer our customers solutions from one source: systems, materials, process parameters and software – including consultation and service so that something unique can emerge all around the world. Day in and day out.

Team Manager Electrical Engineering

“Why does this technology fascinate me? I am able to make an impact and design things. Within this young technological environment, there are very few standards regarding structuring and systematics compared to existing technology. We can shape norms and apply for patents. This degree of innovation and freedom that we have is hard to find. For example, I had an idea for an automation concept that was to increase the flexibility of our machines at a customer's and would allow our technology to be smoothly integrated into conventional manufacturing chains. It's a real highlight to see your own idea implemented!"

Material and Process Developer Polymer

“Industrial 3D printing is currently in an unbelievably exciting phase – we are moving from prototype construction to mass production. That means that our machines are integrated into our customers' production environments. My colleagues have laid the foundation for this step and I can now make my own contribution – be it through new developments or process optimizations. Additive manufacturing is a relatively young technology. We can research and develop in many directions. That creates a challenge for an engineer and is also incredibly exciting. Whenever we develop a new system, we bring lots of people and information together. Several colleagues bring with them decades of know-how and we then wildly spin something together during the conceptual phase. I find it fascinating whenever a finished machine emerges from a CAD drawing."

We stay the way we are: independent

For one, "independence" stands for the financial independence that EOS enjoys as an independent, family-owned company. We value this independence tremendously as a medium-sized, globally oriented tech company. Fitting, we stand for great corporate responsibility, long-term planning, enormous growth and economic success – and we do this consistently to keep our employees' jobs secure. On the other hand, to us as an employer, independence also stands for three attributes: innovative, creative and visionary. Closely related are creative spaces that every employee uses to further develop himself/herself and our company and to shape the future. This results in a working environment that favors personal and open approaches without any type of corporate constraints and in which new employees are quickly integrated: in teams that don't beat around the bush with their expertise. It is only natural that everyone is close with everyone. It is something special whenever a company's success, revolutionary ideas and shared fun go hand in hand.

Director Business Administration

“Through its dynamic and growth, EOS offers you the opportunity to create and change something. If you show initiative, take on responsibility and utilize the creative leeway, you can make long-lasting advances in your area and simultaneously improve your skills. I can only recommend to everyone that they have the courage to take things into their own hands and engage in topics that are important to them. From my own experience, I can say that there are many doors open to you at EOS."

Material and Process Developer Metal

“I felt very welcome and was integrated and involved immediately. This is how I would describe my beginning at EOS. My colleagues showed and explained everything to me. In order to get to know the day-to-day work, my buddy took me by the hand on day one and trained me on the technical aspects. Afterwards, things really got underway and I was able to quickly take on responsibility and complete tasks independently. It is great just how much trust is put into a person. This special culture, the genuine interest in one another, the good working atmosphere and the closeness, however, are not only felt within one's team, rather throughout the entire company.Since my first day at EOS, I have felt extremely comfortable!"