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Our daily actions: valuable and meaningful

Improving people's lives – this is our aspiration and our goal. We understand that our work and technology create enormous benefits for society. That gives our daily work meaning in which the corporate values we live by are the constants in the EOS dynamic that is characterized by many variables. They give us strength in an environment that obtains its positive energy through constant change.

The effort to take on societal responsibility in what we do has many facets at EOS. We therefore have a network of partners and shareholders and support promising startups. With our technology, we make possible the manufacturing of meaningful products all around the world – e.g. prosthetics for children – and thus sustainably contribute to the improvement of people's quality of life. But we also take on societal and ecological responsibility: we constantly reduce our ecological footprint through a variety of sustainability concepts (e.g. in Germany: building and internal organization design, corporate carsharing, bicycle leasing, etc.) and capitalize on the conservation of resources throughout the world. It goes without saying that we, as a responsible employer, make the effort to ensure our employees feel they are in good hands, safe and valued. Their needs are in our best interest as an employer.

Requirement Engineer

“Applying EOS know-how and my own ideas for social issues is something true to my heart and is really a lot of fun: With industrial 3D printing, for example, we individually adapt medical aids to the needs of people who on their own could never afford such a 'tailored' treatment themselves. Last year, I helped a girl walk again with the aid of a customized orthosis. I am thrilled that we will monitor and support her in the future. This type of project makes me proud and once again motivates me in quite a different way. It's simply a good feeling to be able to help others through one's job and to do something meaningful day in and day out."

Application Specialist

“Sustainable and responsible behavior doesn't only play a vital role for me in my private life, but also in my daily work. Along with my job as an application engineer, I am also a part of our corporate responsibility team. Together, it's our goal to sustainably establish longstanding products and processes. During my time as a working student, I analyzed the energy and gas consumption of our systems and was able to trigger a stronger future conservation of resources in the development and application of the systems. The fact that corporate responsibility is also anchored in the EOS strategy once again shows me just how important this topic is to the owners, management and employees. My personal goal is that EOS continues to pursue this path and serves as an example for other companies."