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Here's what's in it for you – a job like no other

Each day, all of our employees accomplish something extraordinary. You can be sure that we know to value such a thing. That's why we are glad to tell you all about the concrete benefits that your committment to EOS will bring you:

(Source: Michael Heinrich, Munich)
(Source: Michael Heinrich, Munich)

EOS is successful because you and your colleagues accomplish great things. That's why the company's family owners extend their thanks with a voluntary profit-sharing scheme that is based on the company's results. Even the amount of time you have worked at EOS plays a role.

Company pension
You can participate in our company pension model. This allows you to profit from specially negotiated group rates and EOS contributions. The insurance is financed through tax- and social-security-free deferred compensation, which provides you with the opportunity to make provisions for retirement with little equity investment.

During your working hours, we offer you coffee, tea, cold drinks and healthy fruit free of charge. On top of that, we provide you with a lunch allowance for our cafeteria, which has something for everybody, both with or without meat. Are you a coffee person? In the cafeteria, you can discuss the newest ideas over a delicious Italian coffee.

Family-friendly employer
Along with one-time payments for your wedding or the birth of your child, we support you with contributions for care costs for your child. On top of everything, we cooperate with a daycare nearby where you know your son or daughter will be in good hands. Our goal is to make it possible for you to juggle both family and career. After your parental leave, you can gladly begin working again part-time.

Trust-based working hours
Because we are convinced that the dedication of our team is not dependent on a time clock, trust-based working hours are in effect at EOS. We also consider your individual situation e.g. through flexible part-time working. By the way: Should you work more than the contractually agreed-upon 40 hours, of course we offer you unbureaucratic time off in lieu.

It goes without saying that EOS offers you the contractual vacation time and special leave for occasions like the birth of your child, your marriage, a move, or a death. You also get half a day off on Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve and Shrove Tuesday.

(Source: Michael Heinrich, Munich)
(Source: Michael Heinrich, Munich)

Your health is of utmost importance to us. Therefore, we offer you, among others, a quiet room, professional training on relaxation techniques, healthy dieting, an individualized workplace consultation and special training incentives for older employees. This helps prevent incorrect loading as well as overloading in a timely manner. We make sure employees' workplaces at EOS adhere to the current ergonomic standards. Furthermore, we offer maximal flexibility though models and rooms like

  • Desk Sharing (for employees who are often on the road)
  • Meeting Points (for spontaneous meetings)
  • Study Booth ("islands" for concentrated working)
  • Creative spaces
  • Home office is also available in coordination with your supervisor

EOS Campus
Our internal company campus offers a broad array of courses, training sessions, seminars, etc. that allow each of our employees to continue to develop. Don't forget: In talking with other participants, there is plenty of room for professional exchange.

Individualized development
Do you want to improve your English in preparation for a future role or would you like to develop into a technical specialist? Do you want to further expand your methodological or social competencies? In speaking with your supervisor(s), you can regularly determine in which areas you need to improve and where your adventure should take you. At EOS, there are more than enough opportunities to shape your career according to your expectations – just make it happen!

Training for management
The success of every team is also dependent on the respective management. Within the scope of comprehensive training sessions, we prepare future bosses for their new roles and equip them with everything a good manager needs.