Given our status as a leading innovator, the development and health of our employees is a key part of a sustainable HR strategy.
Sustainable development is a key pillar of our company strategy, and an important criterion in all our decision-making. Employee development is a part of that – and at the core of our HR strategy.

Our health management offers employees a room for breaks, professional training courses on relaxation techniques, healthy food and individual job counselling. With this preventive approach we want to avoid misplaced or excessive burdens on our employees.

We take the future challenges of demographic development seriously. This is why we promote information exchange between generations and the integration of older employees, in order to be able to profit from their wide-ranging knowledge and experience. Focused training support creates an attractive incentive to actively contribute to the success of EOS.

At our Krailling headquarters, we are working continuously to expand our range of services for the daily commute, with a focus on the needs of our employees. We offer subsidies for public transport, a bike pool, the possibility to lease e-bikes at favorable rates, as well as a carpooling center organized in collaboration with the entire industrial estate.

It is quite apparent that we are on the right track with our efforts. Among other things, we won third place in the competition to find “Germany's most bike-friendly employers in 2012".