We offer students doing engineering, business and science degree courses opportunities to gain valuable practical experience in the fascinating world of Additive Manufacturing

Gain practical experience at a Hidden Champion company and support us through an internship, a thesis or employment as a working student. Immerse yourself in a culture characterized by open dialogue, in a growing, medium-sized company, and find out if this is how you would like to start your professional career.

We will offer you fascinating insights into an innovative technology, a dynamic, growing market, and our value-oriented corporate culture. Learn about potential job areas in engineering, business or science. Exchange information with our employees and gain a clearer idea of how you want to start your career.

We look forward to your application!
Commitment to Academic Education
EOS actively promotes youth training in the scientific sector. The company has forged close ties with national and international universities and other institutions.

The Munich University of Applied Sciences for example was able to create a Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Lab thanks to support from EOS. The RPM-Lab ( is mainly used for teaching and is available to the university for research and development projects.

In addition, we are available to deliver individual events where interested groups and stakeholders can learn more about EOS and our technology. You are also welcome to contact us about your own training events, such as specialist lectures or valuable input derived from practical experience.

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We are looking for male and female interns who would like to use an EOS internship to put the knowledge they have gained during their studies to practical use, and make an active contribution to our company. Ideally, you will have been able to demonstrate an ability to work independently and methodically at previous work placements. And now, you are keen to learn and have fun in a new environment. 

EOS offers internships in all areas of the company: from the software department, materials and process engineering to application, design engineering, advanced engineering and product management to product marketing, business development, sales, HR, logistics or accounting. The longer your internship, the more you can grow into positions of responsibility – an ideal duration is three to six months.

In accordance with our corporate values and as a member of the Fair Company initiative, it goes without saying that internships are adequately recompensed. 

We look forward to your application!
Would you like to contribute your own ideas and knowledge to an innovative topic of practical interest? And familiarize yourself with EOS as a potential place to start your professional career?

Then apply to us for your thesis! We offer possible placements in engineering, business and science areas. Send us your application, tell us which area you are interested in, and give us an indication of possible thesis subjects. We will be happy to help you arrive at a more detailed topic definition.

Please note that in each case, both EOS and your academic advisors will make an input to your thesis. You should therefore discuss topic selection at an early date with all parties involved.

Benefit from the opportunity to meet potential future colleagues, and gain a multi-faceted and comprehensive impression of EOS as an employer. You can also use the process to demonstrate your suitability as a potential new employee. 
In accordance with our corporate values and as a member of the Fair Company initiative, it goes without saying that students writing their thesis are paid an adequate monthly salary. In addition, we reward outstanding theses with a one-off bonus.

We look forward to your application!
Working Student
Would you like to enrich your studies by gaining your first practical experiences? Earning money in the process, while exploring potential future fields of employment? Then apply to us for a part-time job as a working student.

Support our departments in exciting projects, get to know our processes and structures, and develop a sense of potential fields of employment. We offer positions in engineering, business or science areas.

Send us your application, letting us know in which area you would like to work, how soon you could start, and how many hours a week you would like to work. Pay is on an hourly basis and depends on your tasks and your theoretical and practical background.
Tips for Applying Successfully
Convince us with your cover letter! Do you know where you want your career to go? Tell us why, and why EOS is a particularly exciting place to you.
Your application should include the following documents:

  • Cover letter indicating desired start date, duration and information on your preferred area of activity
  • CV in table format
  • Certificates (A-levels, training, degree, etc.)
  • References from previous employers

Please ensure that your attachments conform to customary file formats (.doc, .pdf, .jpg) and do not exceed 2 MB in total. Please use a maximum of two attachments to summarize your documentation.


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