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Your start in the practice.

Are you a student of a technical, economic or natural science subject area? And are you in search of an opportunity to graduate, to improve your wallet with the help a meaningful working student job or to lend your thesis practical relevance? Then welcome to EOS!

Our working environment is varied and dynamic. With us, you can experience how much fun it is to drive forward a technology that makes possible the manufacturing of meaningful products all around the world. Whether on or behind the scenes: secure yourself practical experience at a growing, medium-sized company that is revolutionizing the future of manufacturing. Learn from the experts - and see for yourself whether your future path should lead you directly to EOS. Here you will find our job advertisements for students. We look forward to meeting you!

By the way:
  we are a member of the Fair Company initiative, which is why it goes without saying that interns, working students and students that write their thesis with us are well compensated!

Attention, future PhD students! You will soon be done with your studies, want to put your investigative spirit into practice and have therefore set your mind on a doctorate? Then you have come to the right place. In fall 2018 we will start with our doctorate program PhD@EOS for the first time. Everything you need to know about it you can find here!

Does an internship with a market leader sound appealing?
Things get interesting after your 3rd semester – no matter whether you study technology, natural science or economics. At EOS, we are searching for interns in nearly all units of business: from the software department, and material and process development to application, construction, predevelopment and product management, all the way to product marketing, business development, sales, personnel, logistics or controlling. 

What is important to us is that you
• can work independently and structured,
• are active and curious and like to take on responsibility,
• are enthusiastic about 3D printing and
• speak good German and English.

Support us for three to six months and experience an internship in 3D!
Working Student

Join us as a working student!
Are you searching for an opportunity to improve your bank account, obtain practical experience on the side and maybe even get to know a potential employer? Congratulations - this is exactly the opportunity that we offer you! We are always on the lookout for working students to support our team.

From day one, you will be integrated into our team, quickly become familiar with the procedures and structures and have that wholesome feeling that you are doing a job that contributes to the creation of an actual benefit to society and people's quality of life. Just take a look at our job portal  – or send us an unsolicited application. Please indicate which business area you would like to join, when you can start and how many hours per week you want to work. We look forward to hearing from you!  
Final Thesis

Write your thesis at EOS
So, you have finally reached the home stretch of your studies and now you would like to really cause a sensation with your thesis – and ideally with an innovative and practical topic? Then now – in coordination with your supervising professor – is the right time to knock on EOS' door!
Whether in technology, natural science or economics: theses can be written in many areas with us. Take advantage of the opportunity to benefit from the wealth of experience of our specialists, to get to know a fascinating working environment and to be able to gauge whether we could be a potential employer for you after your studies! Simply apply under specification of your desired area of application and possible topics, which we would also further concretize with you. We'll help to make your thesis a real hit! By the way, we also reward phenomenal theses with a one-time bonus. We look forward to your application!
PhD program 

Science & Additive Manufacturing = PhD@EOS
EOS is technology leader in the field of industrial 3D printing for polymers and metals. In order to maintain this position and to keep up with the latest trends, PhD students, professors and EOS colleagues collaborate closely within this program, to drive forward the digital future of Additive Manufacturing. In doing so, we support you both financially and professionally, so that you can completely focus on your topic. At the same time you will get insights into the industrial research and development of the products of tomorrow. We will host Get-Together meetings on a regular basis, so that networking doesn't come up short and you can connect perfectly within EOS. We will also enable you to participate in expert conferences.

As part of our PhD program you will be employed directly at EOS as an internal employee. You will get an employment contract that is initially limited to three years. Within a 4-day-week you will work on a research project relevant to EOS and are directly involved with a team in our R&D department. The PhD topic as well as the research question will of course be coordinated together.
If you already have a professor in mind who can supervise your dissertation – great! If not, we can also get you in contact with professors from our research cooperations.
The current status of your dissertation will be monitored on a regular basis as part of our performance reviews.

As part of the PhD program the program supervisors will always be available to you if you have any questions. For all technical questions you will be assigned a buddy in the same team, with whom you will closely collaborate and discuss the progress of your dissertation. Additionally you will have a personal mentor, who did a PhD themselves and who can support you and motivate you in more difficult phases. Outside of EOS you will of course be supervised by your professor.

Shape your fascination for technology with a pioneer of 3D printing – nowhere else will you have the chance to frame the future so directly than at EOS! Take the next step forward in your career and apply online now for our program PhD@EOS.

Prerequisites for a successful application:
  • Student (m/f) with an above average degree (Master)
  • Interested in an industry oriented doctorate and the field of Additive Manufacturing
  • Experience in independent scientific work
  • Practical experience through internships or working student jobs
  • Preferably experience abroad through studies or an internship
  • Very good command of German and English, spoken and in writing


“What are some reasons a student should join EOS? It's quite simple: Fascinating technology, impressive 3D-printed components, a good atmosphere, great support for students, wide-ranging opportunities and tasks that call for responsibility. Through the years, I was able to get to know several departments and, during my predevelopment, I worked in quality management and currently in data control. It fits quite perfectly with my studies at the moment. This allows me to apply what I learn at the university on the job and vice versa. I am also motivated whenever the result helps my colleagues in the long-run. For example, while working in quality management, I was involved in modernizing maintenance work and creating checklists. Furthermore, as a student, you are integrated quickly and always feel like part of the team. To all students, I highly recommend applying at EOS."

Application Development Consultant

“College graduates that want to get to work right after their studies are exactly what EOS is looking for. After my 3D-design studies, I landed at EOS as an intern and was then offered a job as a consultant. I wanted to join EOS because it is a visionary and owner-managed company that has roughly 30 years of experience in additive manufacturing. This gives me the opportunity to learn a lot from my colleagues who have worked with the technology for years. Furthermore, I also value the familiar atmosphere in which both colleagues and management are helpful and not everything is rigidly organized, which makes it possible for anyone to make an impact and help shape the future. From the very beginning, I was able to participate and gladly jumped into the deep end – in a short amount of time, I learned a lot and quickly expanded my knowledge."

HR Specialist / University Marketing

“What makes the work at EOS in the area of HR so special? I can answer that quite easily. It has to do with the people here that so passionately and enthusiastically develop industrial 3D printing. It's simply fun to work together with so many different characters – no day here is like the next and each one awaits with new surprises. Being responsible for students at EOS, my most important goal is to experience how these students are integrated and how they get to know our technology. The greatest moments for me are when a student is offered a permanent position because I then know that I have reached my goal of making a long-term prospect possible for young students at EOS."

Young talent development – we support universities

The development of young talent is an important issue. We are constantly expanding our network of national as well as international universities and institutions. In this context, the University for Applied Science in Munich, with our support, was able to establish a new rapid-prototyping-and-manufacturing laboratory. The RPM-LAB (www.me.hm.edu/rpm-lab/) is primarily used for teaching and can be utilized for research and development projects. Furthermore, we are available for lectures, e.g. for technical lectures, practical experience reports or individual university events in which students can get to know EOS and our technology.


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