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Working at EOS can be many things. But it's never boring.

Our team players will give you an insight into the EOS everyday life in Maisach and Krailling - become part of the team and apply now!
Franz Josef,
Technical Project Manager System Design

“Industrial 3D printing is a technology that continues to fascinate me even after ten years: We create complex components out of nothing. As an engineer, developing a new system for this and accompanying it from the conceptual phase all the way to the first successful application is unparalleled. We have to think with great vision and aren't able to orient ourselves towards anything comparable. Since, these days, our technology is used in mass production, the demands have changed. Reproducible components with consistent quality are required. That's how we measure ourselves against conventional technologies. Our responsibility is increasing. But it is exactly that, that motivates me – along with the great working environment and colleagues!"  

Application Specialist Metall

“Our technology in one word: magical. Just take a look at the antenna bracket. Through its optimized form and new structure, we were able to reduce the component weight by 40 percent and simultaneously surpass the requirements of the component properties. We even build components in layers that cannot be conventionally manufactured. It's magical if you create something yourself – from the CAD drawing all the way to the manufactured component. In application, we cover a broad spectrum – perhaps it's a component made of metal for the automobile industry or aviation, or maybe it's made of gold for the jewelry industry. It doesn't get any more contrasting than this. Each customer application is a new and exciting challenge, which makes each day different."

Head of Software Development

“Software and digitalization are essential elements of EOS solutions because our software brings the machines to life. It steers the interaction of the laser with the material and it analyzes data regarding the quality of the components. In order to keep our technology up to date, we have significant creative possibilities, work on innovative and complex topics in small teams and deploy scrum in two-week sprints. This allows us to receive quick feedback from colleagues, and interesting new ideas always arise from this cooperation. It's simply fun to have a positive impact on the productivity of the systems and the quality of the components through our software."

Application Specialist Polymer

“I examine the construction data from the customer and whether their component can be additively manufactured. Next, I “print" it out in 3D, provide the customer with the optimal parameters and the suitable material and then train him or her if necessary. These are my daily tasks. Things are quite varied since we deal with different customers, industries and components. For example, a customer no longer wanted to produce a component with injection molding. We then examine in detail how we can integrate the same component properties or even functions and which advantages our technology offer in this case. My background as a technician with an emphasis on construction is very helpful here: This allows me to already provide the customer with information during the first step regarding a suitable design. The mix of customer contact, designing parts and producing at the machine is so much fun for me!"

Team Manager International Controlling

“Whoever wants to create and design processes, tools and reports has come to the right place. Each day, I am motivated to commercially support global growth as part of an international team and to be involved with a diverse range of tasks in many areas within the EOS Group. Each day, I remain in contact with colleagues from other EOS branches in order to develop and roll out the procedures in the area of business administration with international courses and projects. For example, when we established the branch in Shanghai, I was responsible for commercial project management as well as the entire coordination. It's a wonderful feeling whenever a new EOS team emerges in a country that is quite different in terms of culture and laws, followed by its business getting underway and the auditors signing off on all of the local details."