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The new EOS M 300 series

Experience digital additive manufacturing for the industrial production More information
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Next generation Additive Manufacturing

Premium AEROTEC, Daimler and EOS jointly develop an innovative, automated production system for serial additive manufacturing. the project
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30 Years of EOS

As the world's leading technology and solutions supplier in the field of industrial 3D printing EOS is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Learn more
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The technology for tool free injection molding learn more

Welcome to EOS, the innovation leader in industrial 3D printing

As a producer of systems for the additive manufacturing of components in metal and polymers we enable our customers to produce high quality products based on industrial 3D printing technologies. 
With it's innovative manufacturing systems EOS is the global technology and quality leader for high-end solutions in the field of additive manufacturing (AM). Founded in 1989, we are a pioneer and world leader in the field of Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) and provider of highly productive Additive Manufacturing Systems for plastic materials. Furthermore our customers benefit from deep technical expertise in global service, applications engineering and consultancy.

Our Technology

Additive Manufacturing - an industrial 3D Printing process. Information and insights on how it works

AM Solutions for Metal

Systems and Solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM) of prototypes and end products from metal materials

AM Solutions for Plastic

EOS P 396
 Systems and Solutions for Additive Manufacturing (AM) of Serial Parts and Functional Prototypes from Plastic Materials

Our vision of the future

Industrial 3D printing - The new era has begun

Customer Success Stories

Find out how companies have been able to achieve significant benefits by using EOS Additive Manufacturing technology.

Contact EOS Worldwide

EOS offers a network of offices and distributors throughout the world to provide you with help and advice. Locally and in your language