Material Management for Additive Manufacturing with Metal Materials

Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM) for EOS Metal solutions increases flexibility, productivity and efficiency.

Integrated Process Chain Management for EOS Metal solutions guarantees top product quality for both Rapid Prototyping and series production. It improves the productivity of Additive Manufacturing Systems and thus increases the efficiency of the process.

The material management process for the EOS Metal solutions has a modular structure. The individual components can be implemented flexibly and independently of the manufacturing system. Integration in existing production environments is easy – either as a module package with all components (EOS M 290 and EOSINT 280) or in the form of individual constituent parts (EOS M 400).

Integrated Process Chain Management is made up of the sieve module, conveying module and lifting trolley components. The Powder Sieving Module uses ultrasonic vibrations to sieve metal powder and “deblind" the sieve. Its standard mesh size is 63 µm, other sizes are available. This allows valuable powder material to be recycled and returned to the production process.

The pneumatic Powder Conveying Module is used to transport the metal powder material out of the Additive Maufacturing System, while the lifting trolley is responsible for loading and unloading build platforms and filling the system.

New: IPCM-M extra – 50% more productivity

Like its predecessor IPCM-M, the IPCM-M extra has a modular structure and can be integrated in all system environments. In the new generation, the Powder Conveying Module of IPCM-M extra offers 50% more productivity and up to 50% more screen service life.

Additional module: Comfort Powder Module
The Comfort Powder Module for the systems EOSINT 280 and EOS M 290 is a constituent part of material management specially designed for these two system generations. It allows convenient handling of the powder in the closed process chamber, thus minimizing the risk of powder contact and making a more comfortable protective equipment possible for the operator without compromising safety in any way.

IPCM-M extra

  • Defined sieving ensures consistent powder quality
  • Fast emptying and refilling of machines, even for large powder volumes
  • Minimizes time between jobs and ensures maximum productivity
  • Dust-free powder handling without operator contact
  • Safe handling of heavy platforms and jobs
  • Modules can easily be exchanged or added
  • Easily scalable, i.e. to add capacity
  • Powder handling can be done in parallel with parts production
  • Ideal for use in multiple systems and/or with different materials
  • Suitable for quality management systems
  • Materials recycling for reduced costs
  • Environmentally friendly

Material Management (Material circuit)



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