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EOS in the Press

Here you will find media articles and reports on EOS – the innovative market leader in the field of Additive Manufacturing.
| The CEO Magazine

New Dimensions: Dr Hans Langer, Founder & CEO of Electro Optical Systems - EOS

An innovator of industrial 3D printing, CEO of EOS Dr Hans J Langer has turned the manufacturing world on its head..” A new frontier An important new frontier for EOS is discovering new ways of service and consulting. Hans is the first to admit that

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| Additive Manufacturing Magazine

Video: AM Succeeds with Executive Support

Güngör Kara of EOS sees buy-in from the top of the organization being a valuable factor in additive manufacturing realizing its full...

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| The TCT Online Magazine

Meet Roboy: The 3D Printed Humanoid Robot

TCT Group Editor, Daniel O’Connor speaks to Lukas Grillmayer, Masters student at the Technical University of Munich and creator of Roboy, a...

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| IndustryWeek

How to Achieve Success with Additive Manufacturing

How to Achieve Success with Additive Manufacturing Integrating Additive Manufacturing into the Conventional Production Process When...

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| The TCT Online Magazine

EOS on lowering the barrier to metal 3D printing

Andrew Snow, Senior Vice President of EOS North America, a company which has seen 402% over the last 4 years, talks to TCT at RAPID about...

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| Raconteur

Shaping the future of design with industrial 3D printing

Formula 1 and the aerospace industry are blazing a trail using industrial 3D printing to create innovative engineering parts

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