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EOS Financial Services

We offer you individual solutions for individual needs

Are you thinking about getting into additive manufacturing,

but are you still in the start-up phase of your company?

With our high-quality refurbished systems at attractive terms,
you don't have to do without quality.

Your benefits:

  • Tested EOS quality also for used systems
  • Quick access to EOS 3D printing technology
  • Comprehensive service support,
    identical to that of a newly purchased system
Would you like to expand your production and scale qualified processes to other EOS systems?
Our leasing and rental models allow you to rent or lease innovative EOS manufacturing systems so that you

can maintain your liquidity and take advantage of tax benefits.

Your benefits:

  • Available for various countries
  • State-of-the-art machinery with premium services
  • Preserve of your liquidity
  • Tax benefits
  • Instant availability of EOS systems



Contact us and we will find the optimum solution together