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Industrial grade connectivity

Industry 4.0 means to fully integrate industrial 3D printing into manufacturing processes, enabling a highly flexible production and increased efficiency. And with EOSCONNECT, all the machine and production data collected can be made usable on a live basis. To enable this, EOS offers an open interface capable of providing integration either into intelligent EOS applications providing productivity increase or to be used by third party applications. This way we lay the foundation for companies to truly integrate additive manufacturing in industrial production environments.

Stages of digital integration

Learn more about the core elements of industrial connectivity. Simply click the element that interest you and watch an explanatory video:

The factory of the future is digital: EOS solutions for industrial 3D printing enable a highly flexible and efficient production. (Source: EOS)
EOS solutions are highly connective to on premise MES/ERP solutions but also serve upcoming digital marketplaces and IoT platforms. EOSCONNECT is the door opener for digital, industrial, additive manufacturing.

This high connectivity enables two beneficial outcomes: Companies gain a seamless handover of production data into their CAQ systems (Computer Aided Quality) for secure traceability, helping them to validate their processes for production. They also can benefit from transparency with visualization and readout of real-time production KPIs. In the end, the connectivity helps businesses to improve their productivity.

EOSCONNECT Core API at a Glance

Our connectivity solution for production monitoring, EOSCONNECT Core, is now available. EOS Systems are IIoT -ready and can be integrated in existing IT infrastructures via the EOSCONNECT Core API.

During development, we have oriented ourselves to common industry standards in order to guarantee maximum connectivity and to open EOSCONNECT Core for established MES and ERP systems. EOSCONNECT enables real-time access to all system data via the OPC UA interface and a Web API and can be flexibly and easily integrated into your production control and planning.
It can therefore be flexibly and easily integrated into your production control and planning - for maximum flexibility and maximum efficiency.

EOSCONNECT Core Keyfacts

  • Industry standard data interface (OPC UA) for enterprise IT integration
  • Pure software solution which runs on the IPC*
  • Prerequisite is EOSYSTEM Edition 10.18
  • Prerequisite is a valid EOSCONNECT Core license

Available for: EOS M 400-4, EOS M 400, EOS M 290, EOS M 300, EOS P 500


EOSCONNECT will be extended via Apps & Services and will also integrate third parties applications. Thus it will serve as the platform for the digital factory of the future.

With EOSCONNECT MachinePark,  EOS will offer an intuitive App to visualize the data in a dashboard in 2020. This is the next step toward a comprehensive and user-friendly machine park monitoring system.

EOSCONNECT MachinePark App available in 2020.

Use cases

Company internal market place
Use your production most flexibly - with maximum transparency.

External global market place
Use worldwide available production capacities.

IoT platforms
Optimize your production with data driven applications.