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EOSPRINT Job and Process Management

EOSPRINT 2: New generation of job and process management software

It is an intuitive, open and productive CAM tool for EOS systems that enables to assign and to optimize build parameters for your CAD data. Now available for EOS M 290, EOS M 400 and EOS M 400-4.   > More

Up-to-Date Version: PSW 3.8 - Flexibility with Open Parameters

The process software (PSW) controls the EOS System. An option of the PSW is the EOS ParameterEditor which allows the exposure parameters to be changed for each specific material. The new software update PSW 3.8 allows to optimize various previously preset process parameters to suit the special requirements of different parts. These extended setting options allows to adapt the parameters in steps to the requirements in order to increase the productivity of the system, to save costs or to improve the quality of the parts.

Data Preparation Software

The prerequisite for the correct progress of the construction process during laser sintering is the preparation and control of CAD data. Orientation and positioning is handled by rapid prototyping software such as Magics RP. The component data required for the construction process is transformed into layer data either by means of EOS RP tools or by means of the BuildProcessor available for Magics.

Procedure for data preparation

Magics RP > Positioning

Magics RP from our partner Materialise is a software with integrated STL (Standard Tesselation Language) editor for preparing CAD (Computer Aided Design) data for Additive Manufacturing (AM). Magics imports almost all file formats and native dye information. The user-friendly STL editor enables you to correct problematic areas and to add new data, such as logos, serial numbers and textures. In addition, you can execute Boolean operations and implement section cuts. It is also possible to duplicate and position parts and to define production-free zones. CAD data prepared with Magics provide the basis to enable your EOS laser sintering system to produce high-grade components with the greatest possible quality and precision. 
RP Tools > Slicing

Materialise Magics Build Processor or EOS RP Tools repare CAD data in STL or CLI format for the construction process in Additive Manufacturing System can be performed on a step-by-step basis or by means of a preset set of parameters that automatically calls up the required functions in succession. To ensure the easiest possible handling and fast results, EOS supplies its RP Tools with the parameter file <default.par> which contains several sets of standard parameters. The file can be used on other computers with a valid EOS RP Tools license.

Monitoring Software

All of the information you need at exactly the right time: EOS Monitoring Software reduce risks and costs in the production process


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