Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing enables the fast, flexible and cost-efficient production of parts directly from 3D CAD data – a technology that helps you to perform your tasks in an innovative way.

Benefits and Functional Principle 

Additive Manufacturing overcomes the limits imposed by conventional production techniques. It is already benefiting companies in a wide range of sectors.

Our vision of the future

Industrial 3D printing - The new era has begun

For Your Engineering - Design-driven manufacturing with industrial 3D printing

Lightweight construction, complex geometries or functional integration – Additive Manufacturing opens up new horizons.

For Your Business - Save time and reduce costs with industrial 3D printing

Explore new business areas and develop products in an entirely new way with Additive Manufacturing.

For Your Design - Your way to customized production with Additive Manufacturing

Maximum freedom of design – make it a reality with EOS Additive Manufacturing technology.

For Your Innovation - Design-driven production with industrial 3D printing

With Additive Manufacturing you can reduce R&D times and create products free from the limitations of traditional manufacturing technologies.