For Your Innovation - Design-driven production with industrial 3D printing

Benefit from the advantages of EOS industrial 3D printing (additive manufacturing) to shorten your track to the serial production with the greatest possible freedom in design

Lightweight Construction

Additive Manufacturing enables the construction of highly stable lightweight structures that cannot be produced using conventional production processes.

Shorten R&D Times

Source: Rennteam Uni Stuttgart
The fast track to the serial product – Additive Manufacturing from EOS takes users from the first design idea to the finished prototype with no detours along the way.

Complex Geometries

Additive Manufacturing makes design-driven production a reality. Innovative EOS technology offers the greatest possible freedom and enables complex structures.

Functional Integration

Fewer assembly components, less logistical effort and greater flexibility: Additive Manufacturing makes it possible to integrate functions in parts.

Customized Products

Tool-less production with Additive Manufacturing technology permits customized, batch-size-appropriate serial production.

Reduce Manufacturing Costs

Additive Manufacturing permits cost-effective production for individual items as well as batch items.

Bionic Structures

Bionic Handling Assistant
Conventional production processes are pushed to their absolute limits with bionic structures. Additive Manufacturing offers maximum construction freedom.