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EOS Global Services

We care for your peace of mind - safeguarding your system performance.

We support you with system installation, qualification, maintenance, repair, spare parts logistics, as well as system upgrades, software updates and during relocations. Thanks to our scalable portfolio, we have flexible solutions at hand for your specific needs - from remote service packages to comprehensive premium service contracts.

Your benefits

  • Sustainable investment protection and reliability planning
  • Maximum system availability through competent maintenance and professional service
  • Quality management
  • Improved quality of finished products
  • Optimum resource efficiency
  • Our customer portal, as well as direct, competent telephonebased consulting
  • Short response times, remote service for quick help
  • "Sleeping well"

EOS Remote Service – Shorten your system downtime with efficient trouble shooting

The new EOS Remote Service allows direct and effective system analysis directly with just one click. You initiate the connection through a secure and certified VPN and the EOS service experts are at your side to help you finding solutions quickly and increasing the efficiency of your production.

EOS Remote Service is included in all new EOS M 400, EOS M 400-4, EOS M 300-4 and P 500 systems. Also an upgrade of exisiting EOS M 400 and EOS M 400-4 and EOS M 290 is possible. Test EOS Remote Service free of charge during warranty!


EOSYSTEM SmartCAL - The service tool for an accelerated calibration workflow

This upcoming service tool combines software and hardware to achieve maximum accuracy for overlap calibration. This results in a non-measurable geometrical shift and repeatable part quality. Available in 2019. 

  • Fully automatic laser scanner calibration
  • Automatic multi-laser overlap calibration 
  • Reference Point Calibration



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