Material Management for Additive Manufacturing with Metal Materials

EOS Powder Handling portfolio offers a wide range of products to fit all needs

The EOS powder handling portfolio offers a wide range of products for conveying and sieving metal powder. The products have different degrees of automation, are suited for small or large powder quantities and can be used flexibly and independently of the respective EOS metal system. All products offer consistent conditions with easy sample-taking for quality control purposes. They also minimize the risk of powder contact thereby ensuring safe operation. The products are designed so that the powder handling is done parallel to parts production thus reducing the time between jobs which intern increases the overall productivity. 

The EOS Powder Handling portfolio offers two solutions:

  • Integrated Process Chain Management (IPCM-M): IPCM-M offers individual modules that can be used for multiple machines and/or with different materials thus giving a high degree of flexibility as well as scalability.
  • Industrial Powder Management (IPM M): The IPM M products offer automated and intelligent powder handling designed to meet the demands of a production facility.

Systems of the modular platform IPCM-M:

IPCM-M extra

The IPCM-M extra is the manual solution that is flexible in use with multiple machines, easy to scale-up with increasing demand and can be used with all EOS metal systems. It includes the following products:

  • IPCM-M extra Sieving Module with its ultrasonic sieve for consistent powder quality of the desired particle size
  • IPCM-M extra Conveying Module with its pneumatic pump for quickly removing powder from the metal system
  • Comfort Powder Module for convenient handling in the closed process chamber 
IPCM-M pro

The IPCM-M pro is a semi-automatic solution that secures easy, fast and safe handling in a closed system. It reduces the steps in the powder handling workflow while keeping the flexibility to use it with multiple machines. It includes the following products:

  • IPCM-M pro with automated conveying and sieving under inert atmosphere all in one module
  • Comfort Powder Module pro for contact-free material handling both during removal and refilling with powder

System of the fully automated platform IPM-M:

IPM M Powder Station L 

The IPM M Powder Station L offers fully automatic and intelligent powder handling with a closed powder cycle under inert atmosphere all in one unit. It is designed specifically for a production facility meaning it can supply up to 3 EOS M 400 and/or EOS M 400-4 and is compatible with any powdershipment container. In addition, default settings that are customizable offer optimized sieving for each material.


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