Industrial 3D printing - The new era has begun

Together with our partners Premium AEROTEC and Daimler we realize the next generation in additive manufacturing - nextGenAM

We're moving forward again, seamlessly integrating AM into your manufacturing ecosystem. The aerospace supplier Premium AEROTEC, the technology provider EOS and the automotive manufacturer Daimler - three powerful partners to further industrialize 3D printing. Together, we integrate the additive manufacturing process into one production line, and qualify aluminum as material. With this the foundation for a large-scale industrial 3D printing production is laid. This adds a top technology with great potential to the manufacturing location Germany.

The integrated 3D printing process chain live

The NextGenAM pilot facility currently consists of the EOS M 400-4 four-laser system for industrial 3D printing with metal materials. The system is used in combination with the peripheral solutions of the EOS Shared-Modules concept. Additionally various machines for post-processing and quality assurance are installed. The innovation about the production chain is that the individual steps and the interaction of all additive and conventional process steps are fully automated and integrated, and manual steps have been eliminated. As a result, complex, lightweight and at the same time robust components can be manufactured and the high level of automation forms the basis for profitable production going forward.

Retrospect: Automated, integrated, efficient - The joint development of a production system for serial additive manufacturing started May 2017. See more about this innovative project in our playlist

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