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EOSTATE Monitoring and Quality Assurance - Real-time monitoring for industrial 3D printing

The comprehensive hardware and software solution for your quality assurance and process development

Additive manufacturing opens up new possibilities in a wide range of application fields. As additive manufacturing becomes more widely used in series production, the reproducibility and quality requirements that it must meet are also growing.

Binding quality standards apply in many industries, especially for large-scale manufacturing in the aerospace sector. Because of this, reliable quality control and quality assurance systems are crucial for the innovative technology of industrial 3D metal printing.

With the EOSTATE monitoring suite, EOS offers customers a modular, comprehensive hardware and software solution that captures all production- and quality-relevant data in real time. EOSTATE comprises four different monitoring modules: Base, PowderBed, MeltPool and Exposure OT (optical tomography).

Advantages of EOSTATE software at a glance:
  • Automation: Monitoring of all quality-relevant data during the build process
  • Cost reduction: High savings potential in quality assurance for your series productions 
  • Documentation: Traceable digital quality assurance for every part that you deliver 
  • Accelerated application development: Insight to improve your process parameters 
  • Consistent quality: Guaranteed reproducible part quality with statistical process controls 
  • Adapted to your needs: Combination of four different modules according to individual requirements

What if you could say goodbye to CT scans? 

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MTU: Optical tomography provides significant savings in quality assurance

“EOSTATE Exposure OT reliably tells us when a part might have flaws. This allowed us to completely remove downstream X-ray and CT inspections in the series production of borescope bosses. Economically speaking, the benefit is huge."
Dr. Karl-Heinz Dusel, Head of Additive Manufacturing Technology, MTU Aero Engines

Read the case study with MTU Aero Engines here

Download: Whitepaper on Process Monitoring Systems

EOS monitoring solutions available for many EOS metal systems 
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Monitoring software is especially worthwhile in the following industries

The modules of the EOSTATE Monitoring Suite


The world's first commercial solution using optical tomography in industrial 3D printing


 EOSTATE MeltPool is a powerful instrument for managing quality assurance processes and individual process development.


After each coating and exposure phase, EOSTATE PowderBed examines the complete powder bed using a camera. 


The software application permanently monitors the system status and the external production conditions via sensors.