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EOSTATE Base: Control over all production-relevant data in the 3D printing process

When it comes to achieving flawless part quality, fundamental factors are also decisive. For that reason, each EOS DMLS system comes with EOSTATE Base as standard. The software application permanently monitors the system status and the external production conditions via sensors. If a value deviates from within a pre-defined range, the build process is stopped, and the operator is informed.

The advantages of EOSTATE Base:

  • Prevents the build process from being unnecessarily interrupted
  • This saves therefore both time and resources
  • Helps maximize the uptime of your manufacturing systems

All mid-frame and large-frame systems metal systems from EOS are equipped as standard with EOSTATE Base. It monitors all internal sensors of the system and indicates when a parameter like oxygen concentration or laser power is out of target range.

Comprehensive monitoring sensors check the system status. The variables recorded include: Laser and scanner status with automatic scanner self-calibration, the cooling system, the electrical system including power outage protection, position of the build platform, dispensing system and collection vessel, status of the air circulation filter system, process chamber and ambient temperature as well as the temperature of the build platform.

EOSTATE Base is included in all EOS DMLS systems as standard.