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EOSTATE Exposure OT: 100% insight into the part using optical tomography 

Reduce your quality assurance costs and accelerate your development cycles

EOS EOSTATE Exposure OT is the world's first commercial solution that uses optical tomography for additive manufacturing. Developed in cooperation with MTU Aero Engines, this monitoring solution is ideally adapted to the requirements of industrial series production. Automated data capture and analysis during the build process can reduce or even completely eliminate the cost of downstream quality assurance procedures. The software can also be a valuable tool to support your application development.

EOSTATE Exposure OT offers quality assurance advantages:

  • Monitoring of the complete build process, regardless of part size
  • Cost reductions for non-destructive testing after the build process 
  • Capture valuable data to optimize series production and process development

Advantages of EOSTATE software at a glance:

Costs savings for quality assurance 

In industries with high quality and safety requirements, quality assurance costs can exceed the part costs themselves. Exposure OT can significantly reduce these costs after an initial learning phase.

Exposure OT gives you insight into your builds

Our monitoring solution automatically captures quality-relevant process data from the entire build job. Layer-by-layer data recording and analysis results enable you to create a library of digital images of your parts.

Don’t just look, find what you’re looking for – Automated analysis of every level

The automated analysis delivers a list of any indicators found. By parameterizing the analysis algorithms, you can adapt its evaluation to your requirements. Rather than examining thousands of layers by hand, quality engineers can simply evaluate the indicators instead.

Safety even with fewer expensive test procedures 

The high complexity of additively manufactured components pushes conventional quality assurance procedures to their limits. In-situ monitoring systems such as EOSTATE Exposure OT can provide valuable extra information in this context. In best-case scenarios, EOSTATE Exposure OT may even completely eliminate the need for expensive downstream test procedures such as CT scans.

“EOSTATE Exposure OT reliably tells us when a part might have flaws. This allowed us to completely remove downstream X-ray and CT inspections in the series production of borescope bosses. Economically speaking, the benefit is huge."
Dr. Karl-Heinz Dusel, Head of Additive Manufacturing Technology, MTU Aero Engines in Munich

Read the case study with MTU

Making quality assessments objective

Select the best analysis algorithm for your application. Software-based image evaluation produces standardized results that do not depend on subjective quality assessments by different users.

Keep an eye on every point of the build plate – At all times

EOSTATE Exposure OT is a combined hardware and software solution for automated quality assurance in series production. Using an sCMOS industrial camera, the automated solution monitors the entire build area of the 3D printer and measures quality-relevant heat emissions from the build platform in real time.

Time-to-Market – Speed up your application optimization 

Shrink your development cycles by taking advantage of EOSTATE Exposure OT to optimize your applications.

Source: Red Dot
Source: Red Dot

Intuitive workflow – Jump right in and see the results

The structured user interface of the software solution guides the user intuitively through each step of data handling. The software is easy to learn, which makes work easier, produces rapid results and also allows non-specialists to easily evaluate the recorded monitoring data.

At the Red Dot Communication Design Awards in 2018, EOS and UseTree, our partners for UX design development, won the Best User Interface Award.

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