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EOSTATE PowderBed: Recording every coating and exposure phase

The printing bed monitoring system captures the entire powder bed after every coating and exposure phase. Any irregularities, such as incomplete powder layers, grooves, or cavities, can be identified. Whenever a problem arises, the build process can be stopped.

Manufacturing advantages:

  • Coating monitored with integrated camera
  • Optional output as video clip on work computer via EOSTATE plug-in
  • Inspect the current powder bed and browse through all previous layers


Dependability for customers – Monitor new powder bed coatings and eliminate errors

Before and after each recoating cycle, a camera takes a picture of the build platform. This allows the user to determine whether the coating process was uniform and complete.

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You can rely on a stable build process

For a stable build process, the build platform must be evenly and fully coated at each layer. With PowderBed, you can inspect the current powder bed and browse through all previous layers.