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EOSTATE MeltPool: Real-time process monitoring at the melting point

EOSTATE MeltPool offers the opportunity to capture high-resolution information about melt pool dynamics as an extension of Exposure OT. It measures the light emissions of the melt pool with on-axis sensors integrated into the beam path. This makes MeltPool the ideal complement for Exposure OT. The tool is perfect for users who want to advance their research and process development or optimize their manufacturing methods.

The system was developed in collaboration with the company plasmo Industrietechnik GmbH – a leading provider of automated quality assurance solutions.

EOSTATE MeltPool delivers high-resolution data for process development and quality control:

  • Automatic monitoring and analysis of the melt pool
  • Detailed information about melt pool dynamics – ideal for research and development 
  • Deeper understanding of the build process for process development 
  • Individually parameterizable analysis – making the quality assessment objective