EOS Part Property Management for Additive Manufacturing

EOS Part Property Management for standardized or individualized product properties

EOS supplies parameter sets which are perfectly adapted to its materials and laser sintering systems. These are crucial for the economical e-Manufacturing of high-end parts with standardized Part Property Profiles (PPP). 
The parameter sets can be flexibly adapted, covering a wide production range from standardized serial production through to the manufacture of single prototypes. This allows you to manufacture products right away using proven EOS processes or else define part quality yourself based on your own specifications. 

EOS Part Property Management is structured in three sections: Plug&Print EOS Standard, Plug&Print EOS Custom, Edit&Print.

Part Property Management

Plug&Print EOS Standard provides pre-defined PPPs which are optimized for various manufacturing scenarios and product property profiles. These give you a precise balance of quality, production speed and manufacturing costs to meet your requirements.

Plug&Print EOS Custom is the EOS answer to customer-specific development. Based on your specifications you are provided with an individually tailored solution consisting of manufacturing system, material, process, training and consultation. Your can encrypt your individual parameter sets so as to protect them as intellectual property.

Edit&Print offers maximum flexibility. Based on an established starting point, you adapt the parameter sets to the required product properties using the EOS ParameterEditor. Here, EOS supports you with targeted training and consultation programs.
  • Defined, reproducible product properties based on parameter sets which perfectly match the materials and systems
  • EOS Part Property Management enables the best possible balance between flexibility, quality, manufacturing speed and cost
  • Plug&Print EOS Standard for fast, high-end results and excellent system compatibility
  • Plug&Print EOS Custom for individually tailored, customer-specific solutions
  • Edit&Print for maximum flexibility
  • Flexibly adaptable parameters flexibly with ParameterEditor and ExposureEditor
  • Encryption of parameter sets to protect intellectual property
  • Targeted training and consultation programs

Part Property Management


Part Property Management


Part Property Management



Systems for Additive Manufacturing with Plastic Materials

Systems for Additive Manufacturing of Polymer Series Products, Spare Parts and Prototypes


EOS Software solutions supports CAD data preparation for Additive Manufacturing and supports both process as well as quality assurance 

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